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Why Is Exterior Painting Important?

Sure thing, most painting companies have already addressed the “exterior painting benefits” topic. In fact, there were about 16,500,000 results when I was working on this article. Probably by now, there are even more search results.

So, why did I bother to create this article?

There are two reasons why I decided to write about this topic: some people don’t know the importance of painting in construction and others believe that house painting is too easy and prices should be lower.

Thus, I want to change that perception by addressing this topic from the “exterior painting benefits” angle. I really hope people give painting the importance it deserves.

Exterior Painting Benefits:

  1. Elevates Your House Curb Appeal
  2. Protects Your House from Harsh Weather
  3. You’ll Fix Any Damages
  4. Prevents Damage from Insects and Termites
  5. Preserves Your Siding and Trim
  6. Prevents Excess Moisture
  7. Allows You to Pick a New Color Scheme
  8. Is a Budget-Friendly Home Improvement
  9. Lifts Your Mood at Home

9 Exterior Painting Benefits: Protect Your House!

1. Elevates Your House Curb Appeal

House Painter in Carmel Valley, San Diego


Let’s get the big elephant out of the room. I want you to know that exterior house painting is so much more than color, aesthetics, and appearance.

One of the great things about a new coat of paint is that you’ll transform your house’s curb appeal. It will look new, fresh, modern, and beautiful, which is awesome.

But from my experience as a painting contractor, I have noticed that homeowners don’t place value on what I think is the real kicker of painting: protection from harsh weather.

2. Protects Your House from Harsh Weather

So, a new coat of paint will protect your house exterior from harsh weather. And this is the most crucial thing you must value in exterior painting services. 

In my experience as a painting contractor, the protection that a new coat of paint offers is the most undervalued aspect from homeowners. 

A new coat of paint on a house is like healthy skin for humans. A fresh layer of paint will protect your house from the sun, rain, wind, dust, smoke, contaminants, etc. 

For instance, a coat of paint can prevent moisture from seeping into your home, not allowing for costly and dangerous mold and mildew damage. But to guarantee this protection and the lasting of your exterior painting job, there are four aspects you should consider:

  • Did the painter do a good prep job?
  • Did the painter use the right exterior paint sheen?
  • Is the paint brand of good quality?
  • Is the painter contractor experienced and skilled?

These four scenarios will affect the longevity of your exterior paint. 

Frequently, I get asked two questions:

1. How often should you paint your house? 

The abbreviated answer is: you should paint your house exteriors every 5 to 10 years, depending on the quality of paint and craftsmanship it was painted with last time.

2. What’s the best exterior paint sheen?

According to our article satin vs. semi-gloss paint, satin is the ideal paint sheen for outdoors. You can hire a licensed painter like AMK Painting to add subtle elegance to your house exterior.

3. You’ll Fix Any Damages

Semi-Gloss Paint: Ideal for Exterior Woodwork and Trim

I am sure you know how snakes shed their skins. So, we can say that applying a new coat of paint over your house is like that. 

Of course, it’s not as awesome and frightening as snakes changing their skin (most of us are afraid of snakes 😂). But I am trying to say that snakes get rid of the old skin for better protection from the new, immaculate, and beautiful skin.

In the same way, when it comes to house painting, a new coat of paint will achieve a colorful and pleasing result.

To leave your house like new and to guarantee lasting results, it’s necessary that the painting company you hire does excellent prep work by removing all of the old, peeling, blistered, or chipped paint with scraping tools.

Then, to remove dust & dirt, I recommend power washing the surface of your house exterior.

AMK Painting takes its craftsmanship a step further by doing minor repairs on whatever needs to be fixed before painting. We can fix damage like mold or mildew, rotting wood, water stains, holes from termites, etc.

And to delight you with durable and exceptional results, we work without cutting corners.

We’ll complete each step with excellence. No less.

4. Prevents Damage from Insects and Termites

Insects are small but can cause significant damage to your house exterior.
For instance, if you have a wood house, you should know that termites are your nemesis. Even if your house is not completely made of wood, you still need to watch out to identify termite damage earlier rather than later. 
Identifying and addressing termite damage early on will save you from expensive repairs. So, getting a new coat of paint can help you identify these problems. 
Hire AMK Painting as your painting contractor in San DiegoLa JollaDel MarEncinitasMiramar,
Carmel ValleyCoronado, Pacific Beach, and North Park, and we will assess insect damage in your house. 
Our local painters can help you fix and replace the damaged wood, and after adding the coat of paint, you can rest assured that the termite damage was stopped in its tracks for good.

5. Preserves Your Siding and Trim

As I said earlier, the real kicker of getting a new coat of paint is the protection it adds to your house.

So, one of the crucial exterior painting benefits is that it helps to increase the lifespan of your siding and trim.

The good news is that all siding types are paintable. So, no matter if it is wood, vinyl, Hardie board siding, etc., you can add a few years to the lifespan of your siding by painting it.

When painting your house exterior, the painter can help repair the damage that the old siding sustained over the years.

In other words, when painting your siding, you’ll save money by postponing siding replacement (if the siding is still in good condition).

6. Prevents Excess Moisture

I will not get tired of comparing the exterior paint coats of a house as the same as the skin of humans. So, when your skin gets damaged by a bruise, cut, or scrape, your skin becomes vulnerable, and it starts a healing process.

But what happens when your exterior paint starts to fail? In this case, the damage will not heal itself, it will worsen every day it goes unnoticed or left unfixed.

A bad coat of paint can allow moisture in, promoting mold and mildew growth over wooden structures. And when wood rots, you’ll be dealing with a more expensive repair.

Thus, adding a new coat of paint can give you peace of mind that the wood and your house structure will be safe from moisture.

7. Allows You to Pick a New Color Scheme

One of the top benefits of exterior painting is that you can open yourself up to new colors. 

Over the years, your style has changed. So, this is the perfect opportunity for a change. Click the following link to choose the ideal color scheme to update the look of your house. 

You can develop ideas to make a splash in your neighborhood.

8. Is A Budget-Friendly Home Improvement

There is no doubt that exterior painting is one of the most affordable home improvement projects.

It makes your home look beautiful, adds years to the valuable life of siding, and elevates the mood of homeowners for having an updated look without breaking the bank.

9. Lifts Your Mood at Home

After a long day at work, you finally made it back home. And it feels great to arrive and see your house looking brand-new, cozy, and neat.

Undoubtedly, you’ll feel proud to have a house so nice that even neighbors can admire and compliment you.


Amongst the exterior painting benefits, protection is the one you should value more than the others. 

I am not saying that you are going to choose just any color. I am saying that a new coat of paint is crucial for the structural well-being of your house. So, homeowners should consider it a valuable part of house construction and maintenance.

Also, painting a house is not as easy as it looks. In fact, to guarantee all the benefits mentioned above, you should hire a professional painter to get the job done right the first time.

House painting is not a cheap house improvement job for these two reasons.

Since you are ready to enjoy the 9 exterior painting benefits, you can contact AMK Painting.

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